Apr 25


On Saturday, April 16, 2016 at the monthly board meeting, the Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners (LTPO) unanimously voted in favor of supporting the Kosciusko County Sherriff Dive Team.  The supporting LTPO donation will be used to purchase the much needed Hummingbird 360-degree imaging system.  Speaking for the dive team, Corporal Brandon Hepler said that the …

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Feb 26

Oswego Dam

     A little background and more details regarding the purchase of the property adjacent to the Oswego dam which controls the water level of our beloved Lakes Tippecanoe/Oswego/James.      Back in the early 1960’s, LTPO addressed the issue its members were having with the fluctuating water level of God’s Lake in that every year the …

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Feb 25

Starry Stonewort and Local Lakes

Starry Stonewort and Local Lakes Dr. Nate Bosch, Director, Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College The Center for Lakes & Streams works to make Lake Tippecanoe and other Kosciusko County lakes clean and healthy. Part of this mission is promoting helpful native plant and animal species in Lake Tippecanoe—and working to assist in …

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Jul 22

Tippy: Top 50 Lakes in USA

LakeTippy Arial1

Top 50 Lakes in the 50 States: INDIANA: TIPPECANOE LAKE This glacial lake in Northern Indiana, just an hour from Fort Wayne, is used primarily for fishing, boating, jet skiing, and water skiing. “Lake Tippy,” as locals call it, is the deepest lake in the state and holds more than 25 finned species for anglers. …

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