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Feb 21

2018 Flotilla


Past & Present

May the 4th Be With You

Don’t be confused. Force yourself to mark your calendar for July 7, 2018 for this year’s flotilla. The theme is Star Wars Past & Present. Perhaps the Millennium Falcon will travel to a galaxy far, far away or at least to Lake
Tippecanoe with family and friends. Star Wars opened in movie theaters on May 25, 1977, and throughout the 41 years there is a collection of memorable characters, species, quotes and spaceships to spark a floaters creative energy.

This family- friendly, free event will take place at 1:00 PM, water front at Patona Bay.  So if you are a fan, geek or just wanting to have fun, plan to join other warriors on the water or shoreline for a traditional great time.

Additional details to be published within the next few months. Log into for updates.

While celebrating the 4 of July, remember, “Heroes get remembered, the legends never die.”

Dan Drook, Flotilla Chair

For more information, contact Dan Drook at 574-527-7587 or


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Feb 10

LTPO Directory Cover


Cover Pictures Needed for the
2018 Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners
Annual Directory

If you are interested in submitting any photos for the LTPO directory cover, please email them to Ian Crighton

Things to consider when choosing images:
  • Faces are best. I use a few “scenic” photos every year, but mostly people.
  • These images are reproduce as a small size, so if they are too complex, it’s hard to see the subject matter.
  • The printed resolution is 300 dpi. That ,eans any images less than 600 x 600 pixels will not work.
The deadline is March 10.

Thank you!
Ian Crighton


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Jan 02




Every winter, thousands of Hoosiers enjoy fishing, skating,  hiking or just sliding around on frozen ponds and lakes. And every year, people drown after falling through ice. Like driving on snow, Hoosiers need to re-learn  how to have safe fun on ice.


If You Are Fishing:

  1. Drill your own test hole near shore. Your test hole should  show at least a four-inch thickness of clear ice like you get from your freezer.
  2. Wear a life jacket for extra warmth and safety.
  3. Be aware of various ice strengths and qualities. One area of a pond may be a foot thick while another spot of ice may only be an inch thick.
  4. Ice strength can also change. Thick ice is rotten after rain. Old honey-combed ice, slush ice or ice with current under it is also dangerous. New ice is almost always stronger that old ice. Wind, waterfowl and beavers can also keep areas of ice thin.
  5. Indiana law limits ice fishing holes to a diameter of 12 inches.
  6. Fishing shanties must have reflectors on each side so snowmobiles won’t crash into them at dusk or during snowstorms.


1 inch of ice STAY OFF!!!
4 inches of ice Needed for safe ice fishing
5 inches of ice Needed for snowmobiling
8 inches of ice Needed to support the weight of a car or light
10 inches of ice Needed to support a medium weight truck

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Jan 01

Water Quality

Water Quality

Chair Ron Chamber

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Jan 01

Fishing Contest

Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners

Annual Fishing Contest

July 1, 2017 TO June 30, 2018


Weigh-in Stations

Patona Bay Boat Co.

2EMS T33B  /  Leesburg, IN

Pie-Eyed Petey’s Marina 70 EMS T16 Ln  /  Leesburg, IN
Tippecanoe Boat Co. 301 EMS T46 Ln  /  Leesburg, IN
Ye Old Tackle Box 708 S Main St,  /  North Webster, IN
Fishing Contest Form 2017
Fishing Contest Form 2017
Version: 1
26.8 KiB

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Jan 01



July 7, 2018 at 10:30pm

Contact Bob Schwartz  " target="_blank" rel="noopener">

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May 24

Safe Boating Class

 Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners

2017 Safe Boating Class

Classes start

June 21, 22, 23 at 6 p.m.

The Safe Boating class is offered free of charge. Parents and grandparents are also encouraged to participate. If you know of anyone who is not a member, please make them aware of this very beneficial opportunity.

The class will be held on June 21, 22, 23 at 6 p.m. at Patona Bay Marina in the Showroom – All materials are furnished. The class will be taught by the IDNR. Sponsored by the Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners (LTPO).

Refreshments will be provided by the Lake Tippecanoe Women’s Association.

To Enroll Call

Patona Bay Marina at 574-453-3970

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Jun 07

Fish & Tenderloin Fry

LTPO AnnualFishFry2016a
Fish & Tenderloin Fry
June 23, 2018

The 2018 LTPO Fish & Tenderloin fry, sponsored by LTPO, will take place on Saturday, June 23 from 5:00—8:00 PM at Camp Crosley located at EMS T2A. Rain or shine, indoor dining and carry out is available. Tickets are $10 for adults and children 10 and under are free. Extra tickets are available at the door.

            Volunteers Needed

It takes a lot of volunteers to make this event successful. if
you are able to help please contact:

Mark Aker     / (574) 253-2871


Angie Drook  / (574) 453-7707

             Desserts Needed

The Lake Tippecanoe Women’s Association will again be selling the desserts for the LTPO Annual Fish & Tenderloin Fry. We are asking for help in providing these tasty items such as pies, brownies or cup cakes. If  you bring a pan or dish and want it back, please label it with your name and phone number. All items are to be delivered to Camp Crosley Dining Hall between 2:00—5:00 PM on Saturday June 18. If you have questions, please contact Esther Keller at (574) 529-0583.

Others Activities During the Fish Fry

Gary Gerard will perform starting at 5 PM. Sit back, dance or sing to Gary’s blend of classic rock and blues.

The Kosciusko County Scuba Dive Team will have lakeside demonstrations at 5 PM and 6:30 PM. Watch them recreate the practices of recovering a drowning victim. The divers will also be available to talk about the equipment used and tactical measures that assist them in saving lives.

Thank you,
Fish Fry Committee / Women’s Association

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Jun 30

Fireworks: 5 Things you should know

Five Things You Should Know About LTPO’s Fireworks Display


  1. Fireworks are scheduled for Saturday, July 7th at 10:30 PM weather permitting.
  2. If there are any last minute changes, an email will be sent to this address.
  3. Please remain outside the buoyed area Saturday after you see the fireworks barges as these barges are heavily loaded and boat wakes can cause them to rock violently.
  4. Attached is a poster thanking this year’s fireworks donors.  Please find your name on the list and thank you for your support.
  5. LTPO enters into three year contracts for our fireworks displays to take advantage of discounts.  Next year we will be renewing our three year commitment and additional donations are needed to maintain the quality of our show.
Thank you,
Bob Schwartz
LTPO Fireworks Chairman

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Apr 18

Distinguished Lake Citizen Award


Distinguished Lake Citizen Award

The Distinguished Lake Citizen Award Committee wants to remind Lake residents to be thinking about possible candidates for this coming seasonal award.

Eligible candidates are individuals who reside full or part time on Tippecanoe, James or Oswego Lakes for at least five (5) years and are members of the Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners Association.

We are looking to honor that individual or family who has made a positive impact on the quality of life at the lake. Think about that person in your neighborhood or landing that seems to be the “living” example of an individual who cares for the environment, our properties and the well-being of fellow residents; maybe it’s the landing director that always takes the time to represent his/her neighbors at the meetings and is actively involved with the Association.

Last year’s recipient, Dave Swart, was honored for his stewardship of the Lake and the years of spirit and leadership. So give some thought to the residents of your landing. The Committee will certainly welcome all recommendations.

Committee Members: Connie Anthony, Gary Calhoun, Mark Ennes,
Mike Lattimer & Jeff Thornburgh


Sponsors must submit their nomination on the form provided.

Please mail your nomination to:

LTPO, PO Box 224, Leesburg, IN 46538

or  send electronically to   .

Applications will not be returned and will be kept on file for one year after submitted.


  • Any person(s) who reside full or part time on Tippecanoe, James or Oswego Lakes
  • Has been a lake resident for no less than five (5) years
  • Has made a positive impact on the quality of life on Tippecanoe, James or Oswego Lakes
  • Must be a member of Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners, Inc.
39.1 KiB
Past Distinguished Lake Tippecanoe Honorees
1994Millie Paton
1995Tom Hamilton
1996Dr. Betty Jo Koss
1997Holly LaSalle
1998Robert Smith
1999Jeffrey Thornburgh
2000Maxine Harreld
2001Gary Calhoun
2002Emily Greenland
2003Joe Westendorf
2004The Schwartz Family - Bob, Linda, Rachel, Becky & Pete (the Portuguese Water Dog)
2005Michael Lattimer
2006Dave Tyler
2007Dave Tyler
2008Mark Ennes
2009Jack Doll
2010Richard & Marsha Smith
2011Dungan/Tynan Families
2012Ron Chambers
2013Dick Young
2014Richard Armstrong & Ball Brothers Foundation
2015Dave Swart

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