Tippy Dam

Tippy Dam Replacement Updates

Lakes: James – Tippecanoe – Oswego Kosciusko County, Indiana Outlet Structure Replacement at Oswego Dam

Construction Update
Week of August 19, 2019

High water conditions are likely to persist for the next couple of weeks as the drainage area moves the slug of water down river.  Today the staff gage at the site is about 1’ above summer elevation. Consequently dewatering will be slow.  However, work on Phase 1 continues.  

Activities this week center on cutting sheet pile to designed height and to construct the foundation.  

Last week there was good progress after the delay.  Sheet pile next to the existing foundation was placed.  Tremie concrete was placed between the old foundation and the sheet pile.   

If questions arise from the lake communities please email () or leave a voice message at 317-234-1045.  

Construction Update 08/19/2019 (405.0 KiB, 0 downloads)

Construction Update
Week of July 29 2019

Last week, the contractor removed Aqua Cabin, installed power pole, began placing silt fencing, relocated chain link fence and added temporary fencing to secure the site.  In addition, equipment was mobilized on site.   

This week the contractor will mobilize equipment and bring materials to the site and begin daily construction activities.  The crew intends to work 7am-4:30pm daily – no weekends.   

We expect erosion and sedimentation measures and road safety signs to be placed this week.  The water diversion plan for the south side (coffer dam, causeway, supersacks) will be the main activity this week and next.  

Construction Update 07/29/2019 (405.9 KiB, 6 downloads)

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