Oswego Dam Project

Oswego Dam Project

is About to Begin

The existing dam which helps control the water level of James, Tippecanoe and Oswego Lakes is set to be replaced this summer starting Monday, July 15. The Tippecanoe Lake Outlet Structure Replacement Project, as the project team calls it, will be a complete overhaul of the existing structure. The project will start with the demolition of an existing water front cabin which will help provide access to the construction site. Actual work on the outlet structure cannot begin until water level lowers and water flow through the existing outlet structure measures at or below 100 cubic feet per second. Project leadership hopes that will be achieved in about 2 weeks. Project duration is slated to last 85-90 days. Lake levels will not be affected as a result of this project.

The construction crew is asking that everyone please be mindful to stay out of the construction area and slow down on Armstrong Road through Oswego. During construction, the property will become a restricted construction zone, and the project team requests that traffic along Armstrong Road watch for trucks exiting and entering the site.

Thank you,

LTPO Board of Directors

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