Our Mission

Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners, Inc.

This is the home of the Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners, Inc. The LTPO was formed in 1944 for the purpose of preserving the health of the lake. We have over 600 members represented by 50+ landing directors from the 47 landings around the lake. Together for more than 65+ years we still are working for lake preservation, fish & wildlife, and quality of living.

Our Mission

The Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners was formed in 1944 as the Lake Tippecanoe Protective Association. It was founded largely for the purpose of preserving the beauty and health of the lake. Today, we still have that as a primary goal. But to meet the challenges of the 21st century, our goals have been expanded and restated to read:

“To preserve and protect the ecology; encourage only those uses of property around the lake which will produce a positive impression and a positive environmental impact; to prevent dangerous, injurious, or noxious conditions such as pollution, unsanitary conditions, or overcrowding on land or water”

Strategic Plan:

In order to help further those goals, Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners engages in the following activities as part of the Association’s current Strategic Plan:


The Association sponsors a water quality-monitoring program, to discover sources of pollutants, (i.e. agriculture/industrial runoff, faulty septic systems, etc.) We works in concert owners, and the County Health Department and other governmental agencies to correct problems..


We watch for legal notices, monitor construction, and check for proper permits; we will continue to purchase or otherwise acquire wetlands where possible and watch for violations of County, State, and Federal Regulations.


We will remain active in the State and Federal Lake Enhancement Program, assuring proper funding for our lake for situation and nutrient prevention and silt removal action.


We maintain vigorous water safety patrols with our deputized officers and safety patrol boats. We conduct water safety classes. We continue to maintain the safety buoys to mark critical locations in the lake. We issue safety bulletins to members as needed


We continue to work on our river maintenance and dam control programs; also we will pursue any State or Federal programs, which may aid this vital purpose


We continue to monitor the fish resource, we also closely monitor the activities and attitudes of bass clubs.


We make full use of newspaper, signs, bulletins, and clothing/merchandise items to promote Lake Tippecanoe and membership in the Association.


To promote recreation opportunities for members and others, we continue to organize and promote the spring lake clean up/picnic, the annual Fish Fry, 4th of July fireworks, Dinner Dance and Flotilla.


Annual dues are used to cover the expenses of the Association. A statement is sent to all members in December of each year.


We annually publish a comprehensive Membership Directory as a free service to our members and as a fund-raising vehicle. It is financed by the advertising in it.

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