Who will it be this year?

Nominations must be submitted by June 20th to be considered for this year’s award.

2023 Lake Honoree

The following is the presentation given at the LTPO Annual Meeting:

The Distinguished Lake Citizen of the Year was revealed recently at the LTPO Annual Meeting on July 16th at the Tippecanoe Lake Country Cub.

To be eligible for the Distinguished Lake Citizen of the Year Award, the candidate must be nominated by a member of the Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners Association; they must reside full or part-time on the Lake for the last 5 years; be a member of the Association; and have made a positive impact on the Quality of Life in our Lake Environment.

Each year the Recipient is awarded a $500 grant from LTPO to be directed to their favorite 501c3 Non-Profit Charity!

The selection committee is made up of past recipients, Dan Drook, Jeff Thornburgh and me, Ron Chambers.

There are few folks more deserving than this Year’s Honoree!

This year’s recipient is a true professional, who has been recognized Statewide for Environmental Excellence, Innovation, Marketing, Technical Merit, and being an excellent Communicator!

Growing up as a Lake Tippecanoe native, hydro sliding behind the boat at age 4, slalom skiing at age 10, and lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons full-time at age 15! Family says “lake water is in the veins”!

Sound a bit driven?

That drive “continued” with the start of a Business Degree at Indiana University, then a switch to “SPEA”, The School of Public and Environmental Affairs, earning a Master’s Degree in Water Resources/Environmental Science!

Sound a bit driven?

Next on to a position with Indiana DNR at the Indiana Dunes, then as Lake Manager in Portland, Oregon, and luckily for us back to Indiana as IDEM’s Hoosier Riverwatch Coordinator!

Sound a bit driven?

All this “drive and determination” for our benefit!

Now serving as the Executive Director of the Watershed Foundation, that drive and determination has had a tremendous impact on water quality on Lake Tippecanoe! Over 275 projects in the Upper Watershed have been completed, a measured 25% reduction in phosphorus and nutrient loading, and the elimination of over a billion pounds of weeds and algae!

And that drive “continues”! If you are a “Dog, Duck, or Goose”,

Lyn will tell you, you better keep your “POOP” out of the Lake!

This year we are pleased to recognize Lyn Crighton as our Distinguished Lake Citizen of 2023!

Jeff and Pam Thornburgh,
Committee Chairs

Past Honorees

1994 Millie Paton

1995 Tom T. Hamilton

1996 Dr. Betty Jo Koss

1997 Holly LaSalle

1998 Robert Smith

1999 Jeff Thornburgh

2000 Maxine Harreld

2002 Gary Calhoun

2003 Emily Greenland

2004 Joe Westendorf

2005 Bob & Linda Schwartz Family

2006 Mike Lattimer

2007 Dave Tyler

2008 Mark Ennes

2009 Jack Doll

2010 Richard & Marsha Smith

2011 Dungan/Tynan Families

2012 Ron Chambers

2013 Dick Young

2014 Richard Armstrong & Ball Brothers Foundation

2015 Dave Swart

2016 Gene Dominique

2017 Steve Matthias

2018 Terri Tynan

2019 Glenna Shelby & Jon Tyler

2020 Dan & Angie Drook

2021 Terry Frank

2022 Becky Hartman


Eligible candidates are individuals who reside full or part time on Tippecanoe, James or Oswego Lakes for at least five (5) years and are members of the Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners Association.

We are looking to honor that individual or family who has made a positive impact on the quality of life at the lake. Think about that person in your neighborhood or landing that seems to be the “living” example of an individual who cares for the environment, our properties and the well-being of fellow residents; maybe it’s the landing director that always takes the time to represent his/her neighbors at the meetings and is actively involved with the Association. So give some thought to the residents of your landing. The Committee will certainly welcome all recommendations.

Committee Members: Jeff Thornburgh, Mark Ennes and Jon Tyler

Sponsors must submit their nomination on the form provided. Please mail your nomination to:

PO Box 224
Leesburg, IN 46538

or send electronically to jthornburgh@premedtec.com.

Applications will not be returned and will be kept on file for one year after submitted.

Any person(s) who reside full or part time on Tippecanoe, James or Oswego Lakes; has been a lake resident for no less than five(5) years; has made a positive impact on the quality of life on Tippecanoe, James or Oswego Lakes; must be a member of Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners Association.