What does you membership support?

Your annual membership to LTPO helps supports all efforts of the organization. Including…

Fishing Contest

Join the fun! Keep track of your catches throughout the year... you might win!

Who caught the biggest?

This contest is open for all ages and skill levels.

Fish Fry

Our annual Fish Fry fundraiser is held in July at Camp Crosley. Great People and Great Food!

Support LTPO

Your purchases help raise money for LTPO. Volunteers always welcome.


On the 4th of July weekend, participants decorate their boats in the theme of the year!


This annual event is the perfect compliment to the holiday weekend! Join us!


LTPO is responsible for fundraising and coordinating the Fourth of July Fireworks. Join us July 1st 2023!!

Fire and Water

There is nothing quite as special as fireworks over water. Your support makes it possible


LTPO purchases and maintains all buoys that mark the channels and idle zones.

Where to Go

The buoys that mark the entrance to the channels and the Eco-zone are removed and placed every year.

Oswego Dam

Our Dam Manager, works with the DNR to coordinate the dam operations in Oswego.

What's happening?

Terry Frank has been managing the Dam in Oswego for over 20 years. Click the button below to see the current information.

Membership Directory

The LTPO Membership Directory is published every year and provided to each member.

Who's Who

Each member of LTPO can be found in the Directory listed by name and by landing.

Water Quality

We sample, test and work with partners to improve and maintain the health of the lake.

Health Water... Happy Life

The health of our lake is important to everyone. You can get involved or support our partners.

Aquatic Plant Management

We raise the money and work with the DNR to treat the nuisance plants in the lakes.

Weed Treatment

LTPO spends over $30,000 annually to treat nuisance plants in our lakes.

Lake Honoree

Each year, at the LTPO Annual Meeting, our Lake Honoree is recognized.

Nominations Accepted

You can nominate a lake resident as long as they have been on the lake for more than 5 years.

Boater Education

LTPO coordinates a DNR Safe Boating Course every year at Patona Bay.

Knowledge is Power

These classes are informative and great for boaters of all ages and abilities.

Annual Meeting

LTPO holds our Annual Meeting each Summer

Join Us!

Breakfast, celebration and community!

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